Hutton & Shenfield Choral Society
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Like most choirs in this country, we need more men!  Tenors and basses are very welcome as are voices of all parts.

If you are interested in knowing more and joining this thriving choir, please contact our Secretary, Esme Burton who will give you more details.

There is currently no formal audition and prospective members are admitted on a “probabtionary” basis.  During that period, the Musical Director will discuss the candidate’s voice to ensure that he or she is placed in the correct section. Candidates are given notes to help them settle in and in these notes there are “housekeeping” details.

Subscriptions become  due after the AGM which takes place generally in October. For new members, the first term is FREE and then, in the first year, pro rata.

The Society provides members with music for each concert, the cost of this forming part of the subscription.  Some members prefer t have their own copies and the library co-ordinator can arrange for them to bought on their behalf.

Live music is a costly business and when we perform with orchestra and soloists, each concert costs on average £10,000 to mount.  Inevitably, we make losses on the large scale concerts, as do most amateur choral societies.  We are highly dependent, therefore, on ticket sales and we encourage members to sell as many tickets as possible to minimise the loss and to ensure that we sing to a good audience.