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Hutton & Shenfield Choral Society is a busy performing group and little time is wasted in rehearsals.  It is therefore necessary to undertake note bashing at home between rehearsals.  

There are a number of websites which help with this, some which can only be used while you are in front of your computer, but most where you can download and listen off-line and make your own CDs.  There are also some commercial sites from which you can buy your own CD.

CDs can be purchased from Choraline.

The free on-line sites have most (but not all) major choral works as midi-files played in parts: (can be downloaded - with Windows Rt click and “Save Target as…)  Unfortunately copyright  music cannot be heard, but there is a wealth of other music.   All of the music for the July concert is on this site.

With Cyberbass, you can alter the speed of playback which helps with the learning.  It appears not to work with Windows 8 but it does with Windows 7 & 10. All of the music for the July concert is on this site.

Subscription based: This site has many works copyright and non-copyright. Individuals can gain free access to non-copyright music but need to register.  For access to copyright music, to cover John Fletcher’s own PRS payments, there is now a modest subscription fee of £10 p.a.   The instructions on the site are very clear and if you have paid the subscription, you can download your part for your own individual use only.  All of the music from Carols for Choirs books 1-5 are on the site as are many of the Rutter Christmas songs we use THIS IS MUCH MORE LIMITED.  Please select MP3 from the menu and select your part. You may decide you wish to use the VS (Virtual Singer) technology.  To do this you must first download a plug in from myriad - full instructions are given on  The VS version has the advantage that you can adjust the tempo.  As with “learn choral music” above, files can be downloaded to use off-line.   Choralia does not appear to work with Windows 8 at the moment.  It does work on Windows 10.